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How to Play Missing 11

Can you remember all 11 football players that played in a specific football game in history?

Missing 11 is a quiz that challenges you to complete the starting line-up.

You get 6 tries to guess each footballer. Each player you select in the line-up becomes a mini soccer wordle style game. After each guess, you get Mastermind-style feedback.

With each the guess, tiles will change colour to help players solve the player’s name. A grey letter means it isn’t in the player’s name, whilst a yellow letter signals it is in the name, but in the wrong position. Then there’s the green letter which means it’s in the word and in the right place.

Players select letters of the alphabet on the virtual keyboard and enter them into the blank tiles. When you’re happy with your ‘x’ lettered player guess, you press the ‘Enter’ button. As the name is checked ‘Missing 11’ lets you know if your guess or some of the letters are correct. If you get all letters correct they will all turn green and the players name is correct.

When you solve the entire starting 11, a dialog will appear with a ‘Share’ box. Click on this button and ‘Game copied to clipboard’ will flash up. You can now paste your results into Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Or by pressing share on your mobile, it will open your device’s native share menu, where you can select which app to share your score with your mates.

If you want to play again, just click the icons adjacent to the left and right corner flags to find another game.

Play Missing 11