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How to Play Football Wordle

Footbl is a daily football wordle browser game in 5 or 6 letter formats.

When the game opens, you will see an information window briefly reminding you how to play. Click ‘x’ to close the box, which reveals the letter grid and keyboard below.

Each player has 6 tries to guess the surname of the featured past or present footballer. Just like wordle you will not get any clues until you press ‘enter’. Each letter that is correct and in the proper position, lights up green. If the letter is correct but in the wrong order, it lights up yellow. If a grey tile appears, this letter is invalid for this footballer and of no use for you. These colours will also light up (or remain grey) on the keyboard to inform your next guess.

When all letters turn green you have guessed the name of today’s footballer successfully. Instantly, a pop up window will appear displaying your stats. to review and showing a ‘Share’ box. Click on this button and ‘Game copied to clipboard’ will flash up.

You can now tell everyone about your score by pasting your results into Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Or by pressing share on your mobile, it will open your devices native share menu, where you can select which app to share your score with your mates.

Don’t forget that your stats will be kept and updated every time you play, so make sure you keep playing to extend your winning streaks.

If you love soccer, we think you’ll love this online wordle game. Why not have a go?

Play Football Wordle