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How Does Chemistry Work? (EA FC 24)

In SuperDraft Soccer, Chemistry is calculated in a similar way to EA FC 24.

However, positions do not matter in SuperDraft Soccer. Since positions are more fluid in the modern game, just ask Pep and Bernardo Silva, SuperDraft Soccer will still allow you to accumulate chemistry if your player is not in his most natural position.

If you are already familiar with chemistry in EA FC 24 then you don't need to read on as chemistry works in the same way in SuperDraft Soccer besides the above change.

What is Chemistry in EA FC 24?

Chemistry is a points based system that is earned based upon players sharing a club, nationality and league with their teammates in the starting XI.

Each player in your starting lineup has 3 diamonds on the left side of their logo which indicates their own chemistry score from 1-3. In a starting lineup of 11, this means that the maximum chemistry you can get is 33 as each player is limited to a chemistry score of 3. You can find your total chemistry score in the bottom right of your lineup.

Although chemistry is accrued based upon players from the same clubs, nations and leagues, the number of players required for a point in each category is different.

Chemistry1 point2 points3 points
Club2 Players4 Players7 Players
Nationality2 Players5 Players8 Players
League3 Players5 Players8 Players

As the table demonstrates, having more players from the same club is favourable as this will give you more chemistry points for less players. However, SuperDraft Soccer mixes up the nations, leagues and clubs so it won't be possible to find 7 players from the same team.

This means that to score well, you'll need to take advantage of points accumulating from the different criteria. When you aren't able to find a player from the same team try to find a player from a common nation or league instead. As pointed out earlier, there are no positional links which means you can spread the players around the lineup.

Once you complete your lineup and have won SuperDraft Soccer, your chemistry score will be recorded in your stats. You will be able to see your lowest, highest and average chemistry scores.

Remember to share an image of your lineup after you've completed the game to show off your chemistry score. You can do this by pressing on the "Share Image" button in the dialog that appears underneath your stats.

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